Saturday, February 1, 2020

K(no)wn Name Brands

Darryl Fine and I joined the Cape Times in 1972, ostensibly to create free advertising art for the Newspaper's advertisers. From the outset we enjoyed friendly rivalry between us until we were producing full blown advertising campaigns for the larger retailers who at that stage still had no advertising agency doing their creative work. This soon led to an avalanche of work, with both of us working till the early hours of the morning. We soon honed our skills and eventually Darryl left to start his own business.
Then came a bombshell campaign from Darryl. Checkers had asked him to create a counter campaign in 1974, in response to the launch of a nameless house brand by another well known supermarket chain. The name of my painting was the headline for the full page Checkers advert he created, and only appeared once as it was regarded as ‘effronté’ or knocking copy as we used to say in adspeak. Brilliant in it’s concept, simplicity and cheekiness, it was a statement by a young whippersnapper who made the retail titans sit up and take note, and ultimately earned for him a lucrative advertising client. This painting of mine is a tribute to a controversial, colourful and creative soul who gave me the courage to open my own business. Darryl sadly passed away last year, but I’m sure he would have approved.

Acrylic on board  29.7 cm x 42 cm