Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I think I paint on behalf of many concerned with the faded rainbow nation, but the positive side is the promise of hope. This symbolic work with many metaphors is divided into two sections; the upper half showing an almost idyllic South Africa, but with a faded rainbow. The lower section indicates how things have changed since the halcyon days of Madiba’s golden touch. The bridge he built on the left connecting all (dated 1994), is in disrepair, and the broken telephone lines behind indicate a lack of communication between the leaders and those needing urgent attention. Every mudcrack symbolises a job that has dried up, and the stones represent nodes of resentment by all who expected more from those in power. The spear has stripped all the value systems that Madiba gave us, hence the note for R000,00. The fence on the right is down, indicating blurred boundaries; the broken windmill suggests the conundrums of our natural resources, fracking et al, and the broken Eskom lines symbolise the negative aspects of our power resource industry. The black bags indicate many SA interests and essential establishments and services that have been trashed, those spilling out are only a few… But there is hope... I believe hardworking people can fix things. The determined looking black/white lady represents the courageous face of all the women of SA, a force to be reckoned with, and worth their weight in gold, hence her position at the base of the rainbow. Someone once said that the power of a nation lies in its women... Maybe they can do a better job running this country than men. The smiling man at the Africa-shaped pond is a welcome change to those whose mindset is to be paid as much as possible and do as little work as possible, and perhaps he and his like can change the mudcracks into a revitalised work ethic. Well, I can dream with my paintbrush, can't I.

Acrylic on canvas 76cm x 100cm